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Make Me – By Lee Child

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Released: 10th Sept (Hardcover) (UK)

Make Me is the twentieth book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child


Somewhere, a man named Keever is killed and buried in a sty. Reacher arrives at a small town named Mother’s Rest, curious as to the story behind the name. He meets an Asian woman named Chang, who is apparently searching for a lost associate. Thinking that the town may have once been a young mother’s delivery site or perhaps the final resting place of an old woman, Reacher wanders the town, asking the locals about the name, but does not learn anything. He decides to befriend Chang, who reveals she is an ex-FBI agent turned private investigator who is looking for her colleague, Keever. Reacher’s suspicions are aroused by the aloofness of the locals and decides to stay in the town to help with Chang’s investigations.

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