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- Mathematics teacher from a Top 10 Grammar School offering personal tuition
- Tuition for Key Stage 3 and new GCSE, at £20 p/h
- Focused seminar groups (from 1 – 6 tutees), tailored to individual ability
- Weekly after-school sessions for supplementing high achieving, or supporting less-confident pupils
- Topics based on the National Curriculum with personal feedback and marked exams.
- Based within 10 minute walk of Cranleigh high street
- DBS on request

Name: Francesca (Frankie) Turnbull
Phone: 07772718491
Address: Ewhurst Road, Cranleigh, GU6 7EF

Who am I?
I am a qualified mathematics teacher, and gained my PGCE at UCL. I was awarded a first degree (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences, winning the award for ‘academic excellence in mathematics’ due to my high performance. Upon leaving UCL I secured a place in a top 10 Grammar School (Kendrick School in Reading). I taught both top and bottom sets across all age groups, including A-Level.

How will it work?
I run weekly seminar sessions for a variety of secondary school ages. The sessions will be engaging, designed to promote group discussion and fun (I promise, maths can be!).

The seminars are run with termly agendas based on the National Curriculum with marked exams at the end of each term, including written feedback. The classes will be aimed at specific levels and I can help to advise where each pupil should be placed based on their current understanding. If I believe the pupils’ group needs to be adapted later on I will of course advise on this also.

The classes are run in term time only since I believe having a good break is crucial for children’s wellbeing.

Why group sessions?
I have worked as a tutor for a number of years and believe that group classes work better for the following reasons;
1. The pupil is able to discuss the subject with the group and studies show that discussion of new content or problem areas as a group leads to a better understanding and retention.
2. I have seen that being part of a study group builds confidence with pupils’ seeing that others are of a similar ability.
3. Pupils’ enjoy the discursive nature of the group session, as it allows for interaction, subject based games and a support network.
4. Through practicing discussion as part of a closely knit group, the pupil often feels more confident in contributing in the school classroom.
5. Most importantly…….(!) the cost per child is half the price of 1-on-1 tuition.


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