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A Floral Gifting

A Floral Gifting

If we find something in life that we enjoy as a job or hobby, we should pursue it with a passion. Not only can it be ...
Clean Doesn’t Have A Smell

Clean Doesn’t Have A Smell

Most of us have grown up with the notion that clean homes can only be achieved by using cleaning products that leave ...


Congratulations on your excellent magazine – quite the best locally!
Mike Payne (04/02/2019)
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the September Adventure article. It gave a real insight into the time Alice and Sam were travelling and it certainly was an adventure! The Forrest Green project looks exciting. It sounds perfect for Alice and Sam.
Enid & Terry Bennett (29/08/2018)
I just HAD to send you an email after reading Alice and Sam’s People Profile in The Cranleigh Magazine. It was meant to be when I picked up a copy! I actually cried when reading the article. When you wrote, ‘Can we have a baby now’! was just so raw and touching.
Barbara (28/08/2018)
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