Cranleigh Old Hospital Cottage – The 1000 club grows to help even more of the village

by Trevor Dale

Cranleigh Heritage Trust and the 1170 Charity are delighted to announce that Cranleigh Arts Centre is now a full partner and gathering new members for the Cranleigh 1000 Club.

Join us for just £5 a month to be in with a chance of winning a lottery-style draw. You could of course have more!

Every month a lucky winner will walk away with half the total cash pot. The remaining half will be split equally between Cranleigh Heritage Trust, the 1170 Charity, and Cranleigh Arts Centre.

Win or not, you’ll be supporting three of Cranleigh’s oldest buildings and their rich heritage. 

Since last month we have enjoyed a progress meeting with our mentor and advisory team from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

With their advice we have taken the decision to give the project the name that it deserves with its place in the history and heritage of National healthcare, and that is Cranleigh Cottage Hospital. This is crucial because when the project is complete any online search will need to be appropriate, and all the historical references are to Cranleigh as the foundation of the English Cottage Hospital movement.  

Having said that, of course the plaque on the front refers to Village Hospital, but that would be very confusing because that is the name of not only our great working healthcare facility but also the excellent League of Friends of Cranleigh Village Hospital, who have raised a significant amount to provide facilities within the NHS building.

We continue to strive to make it entirely clear that we have nothing to do with the working hospital and of course are not connected to any organisation offering new beds.

Our efforts to reduce the risk to the project continue and we have been advised to have the roof assessed for soundness and negotiations on details of the lease continue. One item of good news was that NHS Property Services had the small amount of asbestos removed recently from the cottage saving us that expense. This was due to changes in Government legislation. They have also installed a new fire and intruder alarm system.

Further news is that Hamish McGillivray, our Heritage Interpretation expert is working closely with local schools and other organisations to develop the educational learning materials, including exciting reenactments of Victorian surgery! Watch this space.


There are many opportunities for enthusiastic volunteers to join the project. This promises to be a rewarding challenge for those with an interest in history and heritage, or in helping people. Please contact us by phone, 01483 272987, letter or email to;

If you are a charity, business or therapist please do contact us to register your interest. We need long-term partners, and the Heritage Fund panel needs us to show them how we are engaging with our community. 

To register an expression of interest in future use of the facilities please do write to us with the following information:

1. Brief description of what you offer and the     benefits to clients and customers.

2. Say if and where you currently offer this 

    service and why people would use the cottage     to meet you.

3. Brief declaration of support for the project in      general.

4. Return name and address and any website or     social media links. 

Thank you so much! Trustees Trevor Dale – Chair; Howard Barratt; Jane Briggs; Chris Bulley; Sue Dale; Nigel West. Advisors Bob Callard – architect; Joanna James – business advisor, Michael Miller and Joy Horn, History advisors.

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