A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

A real tearjerker, this novel by bestselling author, Nicholas Sparks, is a coming of age story about two unlikely lovers.

With a cliché flashback reminiscent of The Notebook, a 57 year old Landon Carter sends himself back to a memorable senior year in High School, where he was the resident troublemaker and class
president. It was there that he was changed forever by an unexpected romance, Jamie Sullivan, the bible bashing ministers daughter with an outdated hairstyle, drab sweaters, and naïve outlook – the obvious target of playground ridicule.

Despite being a part of the mocking, Landon finds himself desperate for a date to homecoming when he asks Jamie to accompany him. After which, she begs him to join in with her in the Christmas play. Despite the taunting that follows, Landon forms a tentative friendship with Jamie under the careful watch of her father.

The two give Academy Award worthy performances in the play, visit needy orphans together, and share secrets under the sunset. It’s not long before Landon realises that he’s in love with Jamie, who hides a shocking secret that could wrench her from his arms forever. Now tortured by this new knowledge, Landon must make the ultimate choice that catapults him into adulthood.


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