An Easy Fix For Everyday Problems

Tights – Use tights to stop your vacuum cleaner sucking up coins that have dropped down the back of the sofa. Save money and precious small objects by using the foot of a pair of tights over your vacuum nozzle. It will catch any change, hair bands, earrings and other bits and bobs before they get sucked away.

Microwave – If your microwave is looking a little unsanitary after one too many food explosions, don’t panic – it can be cleaned in a jiffy. Pop a heat-proof cup of water with half a lemon and its juice into the microwave on a high setting for a minute or two. Leave the mixture in the microwave with the door closed for 5 minutes for the steam to do its work, then easily wipe down the inside of your microwave. And lemon will leave your entire kitchen smelling clean and fresh!

Clogged Drains – Bicarbonate of soda is a marvel at clearing food-clogged drains. Pour down one part baking soda, followed by one part vinegar, cover with a wet cloth as the two react with one another. Wait five minutes and then run some hot water to clear it.

Walnuts – Have the children scuffed your bannisters again, or knocked into the table? It sounds odd, but a walnut (without a shell) rubbed onto scuffed or scratched wooden furniture, floors or bannisters will work a treat. Rub in a circular motion over the scratch, wait 5 minutes then polish with a soft cloth. Voila!

Moths – Clothes moths are such a nuisance and always seem to target your favourite clothes. Make a natural repellent for moths by bagging up some dried herbs including lavender, cloves, bay, rosemary or thyme and popping it into your wardrobe and drawers.

Pots – If your plastic food tubs have seen one too many packed lunches or leftover dinners, and are smelling or stained, you don’t need to replace them. Simply treat them to a night at the spa! Soak them in the sink overnight in warm water with a spoonful of baking soda, and the next day, after a rinse, they’ll look and smell new again.

Aloe Vera – Burnt yourself on a hot pan from the oven or overdone the sunbathing? Apply Aloe Vera gel, from your houseplant, directly to minor burns. The soothing and anti-inflammatory gel, from the cut end of the leaf creates a second skin to protect the burn from air.  

The first 3 readers to email me with other medicinal treatments Aloe Vera plants can be used for, will receive a free baby Aloe Vera plant (collection Cranleigh).

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