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Well it’s been nearly 8 busy months since we sold our business, hardly retirement, I like to tell people I’m on my first gap year! So what am I working on at the moment? After the success of the first guitar build I had lots of interest and I’m currently working on 2 new builds.

One for my son Tom, who was always going to be first in the queue, and more surprisingly a friend I play regularly with at church, who commissioned me to build a high spec guitar based on a Jazzmaster shape.

Tom wanted to be involved so here he is shaping the neck on his guitar. We will try and tailor the neck shape to suit his hand so it’s a good fit and really comfortable to play.

He’s not only a great guitarist but also works in the guitar department of a world renowned music store so it means a lot that he wants one of my guitars! Here’s a few photos of the ongoing projects.

Tom’s guitar has a sycamore body and ash neck. The front is a piece of Asian hardwood that came from an unwanted table and the fretboard is Panga panga wood which I’d never heard of before but makes a lovely fretboard.

Prepping to rout out the pickup cavities as usual accuracy is everything

The Jazzmaster build isn’t as far advanced yet as we’re waiting on some parts that will determine the finished shape etc. We have the body shape cut and the outline shaped, the neck is started and fretboard slotted. I’m really excited about the colour for this as my mate wants orange and pink to match the sky colours at sunset.

Left: I’ve been working on my headstock shape and logo and I think we’re getting there.

I’ve been working on my headstock shape and logo and I think we’re getting there

So that’s what I’ve been up to since August as well as a couple of holidays, seeing loads of friends, family and looking after our lovely grandchildren. Not to mention decorating, playing guitar loads and being part of the pastoral team at St Saviours, life’s pretty full and a lot of fun!! Here’s me and the band just before one of the big Christmas services at St Saviours.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you can drop in to the workshop again sometime.

Dave Snell

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