Book Review – How Much The Heart Can Hold – Multiple Authors

Love is not just a single premise. In this collection, multiple award winning authors look at seven versions of love. From Philautia, loving oneself, to Agape with a love for all on earth; and from Storge, a natural fondness for family, to Hysteria, a frantic, obsessed kind of love. Seven authors, seven simple stories, seven concepts of love.

‘Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.’ – Zelda Fitzgerald.

Media Reviews

“With prose that is occasionally astonishing, these stories muddy the waters of the literature on love in the best possible way.” – Financial Times

“All seven [stories] score an outright win in the battle to make the ethereal real.” – Country Life

“Together they assert that love is more heart-breaking and transforming than the word necessarily conveys.” – Observer

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