Book Review – Lest We Forget – Max Arthur

‘I would highly recommend that you purchase and treasure this small but massively powerful compilation.’ – Amazon Reviewer

This expertly assembled anthology draws on the remarkably successful Forgotten Voices series. Lest We Forget brings together first-hand memories from the Great War to the Second World War, to vividly show the impact of war.

Told in the literal words of the men, women and children who lived through a century of war it is a moving perception into the greatest conflicts of the twentieth century. The testaments of those who were there portray the horrors of war, but also show inspiration with tales of lasting courage, sacrifice and bravery.

Prescribed thematically into chapters like hope, fear, the kindness of strangers, the human cost and brothers in arms, it exposes the full scope of war in all its stark realism.

Emotively illustrated throughout with line drawings from the Imperial War Museum’s records, it will appeal to anyone wanting to gain an understanding into not only precise conflicts, but the all-encompassing and sometimes surprising effects of war in general.

Lest We Forget intensely ensures that the wartime experiences of regular people will never be forgotten.

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