Book Review – Little Bear’s Spring – By Elli Woolard & Briony May Smith

Little Bear’s Spring is a wonderful reminder for all of just how delightful the natural world is, and that, oftentimes, the improbable of friendships are the greatest kind.

Little Bear has just awoken from his long seasonal sleep. But when he pops his head out of the den, the world around him is immense, bright and quiet. The only thing he sees is a smooth small stone, just as lonely in the snowy wilderness as he is. He settles it in close to his fur and off they trot in search of friends.

Little Bear’s Spring is a poetic story about friendship, with a calm introduction to spring and what happens to the natural world when the seasons switch. Written by star picture book author Elli Woollard and illustrated by Briony May Smith, whose creations bring to life a sun-speckled springtime landscape to life with spectacular beauty.

“A really beautiful story. So enchanting and hopeful. Follow this delightful little bear from his waking up after the long winter through to him understanding the beauty of Spring. Appreciating and embracing it.” – Liz Gaydon

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