Book Review – Modern Upcycling – Susanna Zacke

‘A nice book with lovely photos and simple ideas. Great for DIY instructions and casual design ideas.’ – Amazon Customer

Don’t just get rid of old materials leftover from finished projects. Upcycling is today’s biggest growing trend in craft and decor, and expert crafters Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren show how it’s done in their insightful new guide, Modern Upcycling.

Discover exclusive ideas to spark your creativity and personalise your home with those fabric fragments and odds-and-ends you currently have in your kit. Make rustic place locales from crocheted yarn and stitching, salvage old pallets to make furniture on wheels, hang paintings with window panes, and create fruit bowls from concrete.

Separated into five chapters of concrete, wood, yarn, paper, and fabric, offering fast motivation, Modern Upcycling offers sixty-five projects accompanied by snapshots and step by step guidelines. Follow Susanna and Sania into their realm of strong colours, cosy spaces, and pieces that are both striking to look at and serve an everyday purpose.

If you enjoy crochet, garden, cast in concrete, or even making ornaments from paper, Modern Upcycling is sure to help you rejuvenate and distinguish your home.

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