Book Review – Adventures of a Young Naturalist – Sir David Attenborough

‘His writing is as remarkable and as entertaining as his TV programmes and there can be no greater praise.’ – Daily Express¬†

A young David Attenborough was given the prospect of a lifetime in 1954, to travel across our world, discovering rare animals for London Zoo’s collection, and to record the journeys for a brand new show called Zoo Quest. This is the story of those expeditions.

Living with native tribes whilst travelling looking for huge Anteaters across Guyana, Komodo Dragons in Indonesia and Armadillos in Paraguay, he and the rest of his team fought with cannibalistic fish, violent tree porcupines and sneaky wild pigs, as well as deceitful terrain and irregular weather, to record the outstanding beauty and biodiversity of these expanses.

The approaches may be dated now, but the appeal and admiration for the wildlife, the people and the atmosphere, the importance of defending these wild places, is not.

‘A great educator as well as a great naturalist.’ – Barack Obama

Published with Attenborough’s natural wittiness and charisma, Adventures of a Young Naturalist is not just the story of an extraordinary adventure, but of the man who made us fall in love with our world, and who is continuing to do so today.

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