Book Review – Wild Animals of the North – Dieter Braun

‘Big, beautiful and biologically accurate, this compendium of 80 wild creatures from the Northern Hemisphere will impress animal and art lovers of all ages.’ – Shelf Awareness

The first in a pair of illustrated books showing the animals of our world, Wild Animals of the North presents Dieter Braun’s beautiful drawings of northern animals along with great facts and clever explanations that children will adore!

From the polar bears of the Arctic to the North American pumas and pandas in Asia, Wild Animals of the North takes the reader on an thrilling journey of exploration. The spectacular and truthful drawings show these animals in all their pure splendour and the clever and delightful descriptions will teach children all about their new favourite animals!

The pictures are certainly the stars of this book. They emphasise the beauty of our natural world, and also the awful loss of whole species we face because of humanity’s effects on the planet.

This is a special book that would make a perfect gift for an animal-loving child, any young person interested in animal protection, or anyone who would appreciate the book’s captivating artwork.

“The skillful integration of artistry and naturalistic detail makes this a striking addition to a child’s wildlife library.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Even readers with no interest in animals will love this book for its illustrations. They create movement and bring the animals to life. Amazing.” – Kelly McCaughrain

“Beautifully designed and illustrated. Every reader is sure to be interested in each of the pages for its sleek forms and earth-toned images. I would love to have one (or more) on the wall in my house.” – Sal’s Fiction Addiction

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