Book Review – Young, Brave and Beautiful – Tania Szabo

Special Agent Violette Szabo was one of the most outstanding women who worked behind enemy lines during the Second World War. The daughter of an English father and French mother, and widow of a French army officer, she was bold and audacious, conducting sabotage missions, being entangled in gun battles and battling betrayal.

`I fully understand how & why the book is written with such love & devotion, as Miss Szabo was such a beautiful, unbelievably brave woman.’ – erikduckworth (Amazon Reviewer)

During a mission, she was captured by the Nazis, questioned, tortured, and deported to Germany where she was ultimately executed at Ravensbruck concentration camp.

‘An Extraordinary Book by an Extraordinary Daughter about her Extraordinary Mother’ – George Szwejkowski (Waterstones Reviewer)

Violette was one of the first women ever to be awarded the George Cross, and her absorbing life has been immortalised in film and on the page.

‘Written from the heart of a daughter who never really knew her mother. Incredibly moving but also fantastically well researched and exciting.’ – Linda Pollitt (Amazon Reviewer)

Transcribed by her daughter, Young, Brave and Beautiful shows the woman and mother behind this astonishing hero.

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Received 5 stars out of 5 in Waterstones

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