Clean Doesn’t Have A Smell

Most of us have grown up with the notion that clean homes can only be achieved by using cleaning products that leave behind a lingering fragrance such as a lavender field in summer or freshly squeezed lemons. This is simply not true; if your home is really clean it probably won’t have a smell at all.

The reason we make the association between cleanliness and these synthetic scents is because we have been preconditioned through clever advertising campaigns by multinational corporations who manufacture the vast majority of traditional household cleaning products.

Many of these cleaning products, with strong smells, often have harsh man-made chemicals in them that haven’t even been proven to clean any better than products with more natural ingredients. Indeed it has been demonstrated that long-term and frequent use of traditional cleaners can have the same impact on health as smoking a packet of cigarettes every day!

Not only can traditional cleaners be bad for your health but they can also mask odours that are also bad for you, if not dealt with promptly. For example, moulds and mildews are signs of persistent damp conditions within your home which actually should be rectified rather than masked with the latest floral concoction.

It is also worth remembering that powerful cleaning products leave behind invisible residues on surface which could be detrimental to health. This is especially important if these areas are going to be used for preparing food, or if they are used by babies, toddlers or pets. If you are using harsh chemical cleaners always remember to thoroughly rinse the product away with pure simple water after use.

There are ways to clean without using harsh chemicals at all. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water to easily cut through grease. Invest in a high quality microfibre cloth, use dry to dust or dampen with water and you’ll be set for most everyday cleaning jobs in your home.

Lastly, be aware, some companies have recently launched “new products” showcasing the inclusion of natural ingredients. Don’t be fooled, these “new products” may also contain the traditional harmful chemicals ingredients. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL.

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