Cranleigh Film Club – October 2018

Cranleigh Film Club is showing Aquarius (18) on Thursday 25 October starting at 7.30pm; doors open at 7.00pm. As usual our film will be shown in the Band Room, GU6 8AF, and there is ample parking in the adjacent Village Way car park.

Refreshments are available.

AQUARIUS: Clara, a music critic in Kleber Mendonça’s Brazilian film, resists a developer’s attempts to evict her from the flat which holds so many memories for her and her family. A quiet, Brazilian thriller whose tension racks up with each development. A war of wills: person against person; developer against occupier; haves against have-nots; white against black. As Ryan Gilbey in the New Statesman put it, “the beach outside warns of shark attacks but the deadliest predators come in human form.” The film won 12 awards including Best Film at Sydney.

It created uproar in Brazil – standing ovations and calls for boycotts. A right-wing columnist wrote, “people of good will must boycott this film.” Other newspapers praised it, declaring that Mendonça has ‘an absurd mastery of cinema’, praising the camera work, its sound and music, and its bravery in discussing social issues.

Robbie Collin in the Telegraph wrote: “the film is endlessly fascinated by the interlocking tick of its characters’ lives. Every last cogwheel of the story proves indispensable. Mendonça’s filmmaking has an effortless visual and narrative flow that makes it ideal for capturing the everyday magic of memory. Dreams feel more real than reality – Clara’s night-time imaginings are cut with a rhythm that sets your skin prickling, while the virtuoso ending slams truth and metaphor together with the force of a motorway pile-up.”

Membership costs £30 per year, covering all 12 films. To join please email your details to saralock1950@ We make a £5 charge for guests at each film. Do come along and enjoy the atmosphere!

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