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Cranleigh Film Club is a community-based club with a membership limited to 120. They aim to provide a balanced programme of distinctive films from around the world. Films are chosen by members directly and indirectly through a sub-committee. For membership enquiries please email: . Films are shown in the Bandroom in Cranleigh, GU6 8AF.

Parallel Mothers (15)
Thursday 29th September
Two accidentally pregnant single mothers meet in hospital before giving birth. Their different feelings about their situation develop and their lives are changed.

Capernaum (15)
Thursday 27th October
Zain, a gutsy streetwise child, flees his negligent parents, survives through his wits on the streets of Beirut, takes care of Ethiopian refugee Rahil and her baby son, is jailed for a crime, and finally seeks justice in a courtroom.

After Love (12A)
Thursday 24th November
A Muslim convert Mary Hussain suffers an identity crisis following the sudden death of her husband. When she uncovers details of a secret family in Calais, she travels to find them and herself.

Petite Maman (U)
Thursday 29th December
Nelly has just lost her grandmother and is helping her parents clean out her mother’s childhood home. She explores the house and the surrounding woods and befriends a girl the same age.

The Souvenir, Part 2 (15)
Thursday 26th January
In the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship, Julie begins to untangle her feelings in making her graduation film, sorting fact from her late lover’s elaborately constructed fiction.

Yuli (15)
Thursday 23rd February
Biopic of Carlos Acosta, the first black dancer to perform some of the most famous ballet roles, a legend in the dance world.

Un Beau Matin
Thursday 30th March
With a father suffering from neurodegenerative disease, a young woman lives with her eight-year-old daughter. While stuggling to secure a decent nursing home, she runs into a friend who although being in a relationship, embarks an affair.

Never Gonna Snow Again (15)
Thursday 27th April
Zhenia, a Ukrainian masseur enters the lives of the wealthy residents of a gated community. The attractive and mysterious newcomer heals their hidden sadness, and his eyes seem to penetrate their souls.

Decision To Leave
Thursday 25th May
A detective investigating a man’s death in the mountains falls for the dead man’s mysterious wife.

Closely Observed Trains
Thursday 29th June
An apprentice train-dispatcher at a village station during the Nazi occupation seeks his first sexual encounter but is disappointed when he is unable to perform.

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