Cranleigh Rotary Member Launches New Book

Peter Bond latest book, entitled Rosetta: The Remarkable Story of Europe’s Comet Explorer, has just been published by Springer.

The book, which has numerous full colour illustrations, tells the story of the first mission to fly alongside a comet and land on its surface. It covers more than three decades, starting with the first mission concepts in the 1980s and ending with the successful comet rendezvous and exploration, including a summary of the main scientific results.

Chapters are devoted to the determination of ESA to continue with its own mission when NASA pulled out; the technical challenges of developing a solar-powered orbiter that could survive years of hibernation and operate in the dark depths of the solar system; the problems to be overcome when the original launch had to be scrubbed; and the successful mission to fly alongside a comet and release a lander onto its surface. The book also includes insights from the scientists and engineers who participated in the historic mission.

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