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I bought a new kimono by Trisha Broomfield

Fashion Victim
I bought a new kimono,
a fashion victim me,
its soft and gentle colours
bring out the poet see?

But the arms are wide
they’d fit a bus inside.
Door handles grab me as I pass
will not release me, or my glass.
I’m stuck with wine or chilled rum punch,
I may be there ‘til after lunch.
I know it is an evil plot
to capture poets on the spot.

I bought a new kimono,
it will be my last,
each door handle determined
that I will be held fast.
Its soft and gentle colours
hid its true intent,
I’m sure it won’t release me
‘til all my words are spent.

And so to poets everywhere,
buy a kimono, but beware,
the arms are wide, its purpose hides
and up the sleeves door handles glide.

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