December 2018 – Gardening in time for Christmas

As Christmas is on the way, our to-do lists don’t usually cover gardening tasks at this time of year. However, if you are looking to keep up the pace of your gardening, don’t fret, there’s still much to do.

  • You can still plant out ferns and grass as they look as divine covered in frost as they do when in bloom. Perhaps mix ferns up with berries and winter flowering Hellebore (Christmas Roses) for a sensational winter display.
  • Keeping to the Christmas theme, grow some mistletoe! If you have one of the host trees, apple, hawthorn or lime, it’s simple. Collect some berries from a mistletoe plant and rub them into the gaps of the bark then let the mistletoe flourish from the tree’s nutrients.
  • Collect up all your beanpoles, canes and another veg supports from your garden so they don’t weaken over winter. Clean off any soil and keep them undercover, prepped for next spring.
  • Clearing borders of dead or dying plants help craft tidy displays, showing off those still in bloom. The spent remains make a great soil improver for next year.
  • Remember to top-up and add water for birds to drink.

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