Ditch Plastic From Your Life!

Now that we’ve completed another Plastic Free July, let’s take a minute to explore a few other ways of switching away from plastic.

Say no to straws. If you do feel the need to use a straw, there are plenty of reusable alternatives on the market these days, from stainless steel to bamboo.

Give up Gum. Chewing gum, since WWII, has been made synthetically, so you’re basically chewing plastic! Look online for plastic-free-gum options if you’re not willing to ditch it.

Reuse glass containers. Jars make ideal storage containers for leftover food and can be stored in the fridge or the freezer. Plus there’s no leaching of plastic into your food.

Use matches. Although lighters are all the rage these days they are usually made of plastic and tossed into the bin, once they’re empty. If you can’t live without yours opt for a metal lighter that is refillable.

Packed Lunches. Tempting as it is to throw a few packets, wrapped in plastic, into your kids lunchboxes, it really is no hassle to make a sandwich and pop in a couple of pieces of fruit, or cook up a batch of pasta to last a few days. So much healthier too.

Tea bags. Opt for plastic free teabags. Not only healthier for your but far better for the environment.

Bars of Soap. Soap bars are just as effective at cleaning your hands and body as liquid soap and without a plastic bottle to dispose of. Not to mention the bars now available to replace shampoo and washing-up liquid.

Toothbrush. Think of all the plastic toothbrushes that have been produced over the years. Why not swap it for a bamboo brush? Just as effective on your teeth but far smaller impact on the environment.

Air Fresheners. Avoid toxic air fresheners in plastic containers and use soy or beeswax candles instead.

Reusable Menstrual Products. Moon cups, period pants and reusable pads are growing in popularity. They take a bit of getting used to but work just at well as their plastic laden alternatives.

Glitter. Nobody should go through life without glitter but make sure you are buying one of the many ranges of eco-friendly, biodegradable glitters.

Razor. Instead of throwing a disposable razor, or razor head, into the bin every few weeks, consider using one where you simply replace the blade. Not only do you end up with a nice close shave but they are far cheaper.

And of course, shop in a zero waste shop. So lucky to have For Earth’s Sake on our doorstep in Cranleigh. Bring your own containers and bags for a plastic-free shop. The Natural Life shop also has many plastic free products and does refills on an environmentally friendly washing up liquid.

The key here is not to get hung up on perfection, when striving to reduce plastic from your life, but rather to do what you can with what you have access to.

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