Ellens Green & Rudgwick Gardening Association – Unveiling in Rudgwick

President of EGRGA Michael Clarke unveiling the plaque

A small gathering (due to restrictions) saw the President of Rudgwick’s gardening association unveiling a commemorative plaque on the morning of Thursday 1st April.

The plaque celebrates the villagers who responded to a call last autumn to plant thousands of daffodil bulbs on the greensward on Rudgwick’s main street.

The call came from Simon Quail, Show Secretary of the Ellens Green and Rudgwick Gardening Association (EGRGA). He had a vision of a sea of yellow welcoming visitors and residents to the village.

This spring, Simon’s vision has come to fruition! As you enter Rudgwick from the A281, you are greeted by a swathe of waving daffodils, all planted by gangs of Rudgwick villagers coordinated by Simon.

Find out more about the EDRGA HERE.

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