Fright Night Fancies

Prep: 25 mins
Difficulty: Easy
No Cook
Serves: 12



12 ready-made vanilla cupcakes or fairy cakes, or make your own
2 x 410g cans apricot
halves in light syrup, drained (save the syrup)
100g raspberry jam
a little icing sugar or cornflour, for dusting
500g pack ready-to-roll white fondant icing
black icing pen



    1. Remove the cakes from their paper cases – if the tops are rounded, trim them with a serrated knife to make a flat surface.
    2. Flip the cakes over and arrange on a large board or cake stand.
    3. Brush the cakes all over with the syrup from the drained apricots, then place 1 tsp jam on top of each cake.
    4. Put an apricot half on top of the jam, rounded- side facing up.
    5. Clean your work surface, then dust with a little icing sugar or cornflour.
    6. Roll out the icing to the thickness of a 50p piece – it will be easier if you work with half at a time, keeping the remaining icing well wrapped so it doesn’t dry out.
    7. Use a 12cm fluted cookie cutter to stamp out 12 circles and, as soon as you cut each one, drape it over a cake.
    8. Draw on spooky faces using the black icing pen, then serve.


Can be made up to a day ahead; eat leftover cakes within 1 day.





Recipe from Good Food magazine, September 2015
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