Harvest Cranleigh

We have been thanking entities and industrious farmers for bountiful harvests since pagan times. Harvest is the time to celebrate reaping what we have sown earlier in the year, be that crops or something else entirely. It’s time to reflect on what you will be gathering this season.
What have you sown during your life?
We are fortunate to be in an advantaged country with plentiful crops every harvest, and if we plant good seeds with positive deeds and thoughts, then they’ll come to fruition too.

Look within yourself and others too for the potential for growth. We all have seeds inside us from a young age that mature when we grow up. Don’t neglect your talents and you’ll
see them grow. Nurture the good seeds inside other people and you’ll reap their friendship.

Make Cranleigh bloom as a great place to be at harvest time, and for the harvest time of our children and grandchildren too.

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