Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn

Ideal for a poolside read, “Here Comes the Sun” captures easily the recognisable rhythms of Jamaican culture and dialect. Dennis-Benn has written a tender ode to the world hidden behind immaculate beaches and sparkling seas at Montego Bay.

The novel sets the scene with a young woman called Margot who fights to send her little sister, Thandi, to school so that she can avoid the same fate that befell her older sibling – having to sell her sexuality for money.

Plans for a new hotel soon arise and threaten the village as they know it. However Margot sees an opportunity to secure her financial independence and maybe, to admit her shocking secret: a forbidden love for another woman.

As the girls face the impending dismantling of their community with the arrival of the resort, they must confront emotional scars and balance their burdens while they fight for the freedom they crave.

Here Comes the Sun offers startling insight into a passionate, vivid world that is seen as simply “paradise” to holidaymakers.

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