Homemade Valentine’s Ideas

by Nick Thorogood and Caroline Pearl

Love is all around us, love is in the air, love is a many splendored thing and all sorts of cliches come to mind as Valentine’s Day comes round once again. However, there is no need to follow the crowd, why not be original and make your own card or even give a loved one a home made gift?

Home made candles are easy and fun to make (although with supervision if children are helping as the wax gets very hot) and would make a lovely gift.  The supplies can be bought from your local craft shop or online and the good thing about making your own is you can personalise the scent of your candle to something you know your loved one will enjoy, whether that be lavender which is a relaxing scent, rosemary which helps with focus, or rose which is a beautiful scent and perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

If making a gift feels outside of your expertise, or time, then a home made card is sure to be well received.  Card blanks (try local shop craftysnippets.com or The Works) are the perfect place to start. 

Cut a piece of coloured card smaller than the front of the folded card and draw a heart on it (not too near to the edges). Make a dot every half centimetre on the outline, then using a tapestry needle (or similar large needle) punch neat holes where the dots are – putting the card on a cloth then pushing the needle through can make this easier. Thread a length of coloured embroidery thread onto the needle and pass the needle through the card. 

Using a piece of sticky tape fasten the end on the side of the card with drawing on (this will be hidden later). Pass the needle up and down through the holes – I like to do this in a zigzag pattern, and then go up and down in a running stitch around the outline. You can pass the threads through the holes however you like – remember the back won’t be seen. 

When you have completed the image, cut the thread and tape it to the back of the coloured card. Use glue or doublesided tape to attach the coloured card to the card blank, write your message inside and you will have a wonderful bespoke homemade card that is both special and unique!

If you are feeling inspired then Cranleigh Art & Crafts Society are running two events in February, a demonstration of a café scene using heavy textural paint, acrylic and expressive brush strokes by Hashim Akib at 2.30pm on Saturday 11 February in the Band Room and a presentation on glass staining with Stony Parsons at 2.30pm on Saturday 25 February at the Arts Centre.  If you would like to come along then non members are welcome for a charge of £5 or members go free and you can join the Society by using our QR code.

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