June 2018 – Recycle our Gardens

All gardeners have a bunch of odds and ends hidden beneath the potting bench or behind the compost heap, Just in case they come in handy! Creative recycling in the garden can often birth some of the most innovative concepts, which could save you a small fortune in buying the newest gardening kit.

  • Compost bags are worth keeping a hold of. Use them as durable rubbish bags to carry garden waste to the tip.
  • Fizzy drinks bottles can be used as mini cloches. Cut the bottoms off and place them over plants to shield them from the weather.
  • Keep your iced lolly sticks during summer, they make handy garden markers for labelling your plants.
  • Old CD’s make brilliant bird scarers. Hang them from strings so that they glint in the sun.
  • Cardboard egg cartons are seamlessly designed for chitting seed potatoes.

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