June 2019 – Specialise this Summer!

There is something very special about being outside. To see the clouds, the sky, feeling the warmth of the sun and to experience the wind on our faces, to enjoy the sights, smells and touch of our world.

Here are some ways you can make your garden feel that extra special:

  • The liquid inside a coconut is strong in minerals. Coconut milk is rich in gibberellic acid which helps the increase of germination of seeds as well as root development.
  • Eggshells are a simple way of giving an extra boost of calcium to your compost. To do this, throw your shells on the compost heap or into the barrel and turn them under.
  • Coffee is an effective fertiliser to use on plants. However, before adding coffee to plants, it is important to ensure the coffee is dry. This is as wet coffee is likely to cause fungus to grow which will harm your plants.
  • Did you know, the water you use to boil your potatoes can also be used to water your plants, as long as you did not add salt. This is due to the fact that potatoes contain Potassium, Magnesium, Zing and Phosphor.
  • Vinegar has a lot of uses in the garden, for example, removing rust from gardening tools, killing weeds, cleaning bird feeders as well as making dull plastic furniture shine.
  • Green tea houses a lot of iron, perfect for raspberry plants as well as for watering plants by leaving used tea bags in a watering can for a few days. 

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