Keep On Running – June 2021

When running a race, it’s easy to be distracted and give up, especially when the going gets tough. By persevering and maintaining our focus, the rewards are great as we achieve our goal and cross the finish line!

In life, we grow to respect people who have done just that – the great and the good who have faced huge challenges and overcome them.

As we face our ‘life challenges’ we don’t need to apply Olympic standards to overcome them, just the same attitude of mind – perseverance and focus. As we attain our goals we can widen our skillsets and develop day by day. Whether we’re young or old, it’s good to aim to learn new things and keep our mind running.

Collecting life skills are like precious treasure we can pass down to our children and leave behind a rich heritage for them to learn from and enjoy.

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Photo: Dick Shuttleworth’s original (restored) 2.9 litre Alpha Romeo © Tony Baker Photographer

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