Keep your home ticking along with these easy to adopt tips!

Keep your cleaning equipment in one place, preferably a purpose made trug or bucket. It’s far better than hunting around for what you need each time.

Declutter! It takes a matter of minutes to declutter a room before cleaning it, but leave it and you’ll be moving the same clutter again and again, making space to clean properly!

Empty your vacuum cleaner bin and clean or replace the filters on a regular basis. You’ll be amazed how much suction is lost through blocked filters.

Never go upstairs empty-handed. There’s always laundry, school books or shoes to take upstairs. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Iron while you’re watching your favourite David Attenborough documentary. It’ll be done before you know it!

Do one load of laundry a day, rather than letting it pile up and become a chore.

The last person in the shower each day wipes down with a squeegee and a cloth. This makes it so much easier when it comes to cleaning, not to mention limiting the build-up of mildew on the grouting and sealant.

Vacuum, shake or wash your door mat regularly. It’s surprising how much dirt gets tracked into the house if your front/back door mat isn’t doing its job.

About to make a long telephone call to a friend? Why not get a duster in your hand and multitask? To be honest, even a 5 minute call could see a room or two done.

Organise your junk drawer into little pots or dishes. For example, have one for elastic bands, one bag clips and another for pens. You’ll save so much time not having to riffle through each time you’re looking for something.

Wipe up spills immediately! It’s so much easier to clean them up right away and it avoids dried on or stained carpets and furniture.

Your vacuum picks up more dirt when you use it slowly. You may think that you’re a whizz at vacuuming because you’re speedy, but chill out a bit and take your time, you’ll be much more effective at picking up the dirt.

Huge piles of linen in the airing cupboard can very easily topple over or become unmanageable. Consider adding extra shelving and possibly adding an over-the-door rack for extra towels.

Teamwork! Did you know, two people can make a bed 4 times faster than one?

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