March 2020 – Songs of a Spring Garden!

By March, we’re ready to welcome the age of spring, an optimistic, happy time for us gardeners. There’s much to be done outdoors, now the winter months have gone by. Bring it on!

Read on to find many important garden jobs for this month:

  • Fertilise your beds. Once the soil is feasible, dig a 5cm layer of compost or well-rotted manure into your beds to set up for the budding season ahead.
  • Trim winter-flowering heathers as they disappear, to prevent the plants having an excessively long and straggly stem.
  • Continue to deadhead winter pansies to prevent them from setting seed. This will embolden flushes of new flowers throughout the spring.
  • In the vegetable garden, cover prepped soil with sheets of black plastic to keep it dry and warm in preparation for planting.
  • Mulch fruit trees using well-rotted manure or garden compost. Be careful not to mound mulch up around tree trunks.
  • Prepare soil for growing brand new lawn from seed. Doing this at this point allows it time to settle before sowing.
  • Remove any pond netting left around from autumn and winter.

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