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My Singing Group is led by vocal tutor Natalie Ross. The group sing all styles of popular songs in a fun, relaxed and imaginative way. You don’t need any previous singing experience or musical knowledge to join the group. This singing group is a mixed level group. All you need is a passion for singing, a love of popular music, a desire to sing in a group, an interest in meeting new people and the commitment to join the group regularly.The group started in Barcelona and successfully ran for 6 years.


Each session starts with warm ups, vocal exercises and harmony games. Then I work through the current song dividing the group into voice groups, simply ‘low’, ‘mid’ and ‘high’. I aim to help each member feel comfortable and confident with where their voice fits in the group. Members can choose which voice part they want to sing and change parts at any time. I arrange each song to include singing as a group in unison, in harmony as well as singing solos and duets. (There is no pressure to sing solos or duets.) There will be opportunities to perform live. (You can choose to participate.) The sessions are very friendly and fun and are a great way to share your love of singing with other like-minded singers while improving your technique and ability.

Prices – £10 per session

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