November 2019 – What comes first in the Garden…

In November we begin to order the garden for winter. Clearing the last of the fallen leaves, planting tulips and composting the leftovers of summer from the borders. It is also a time to start anew in the garden, review horticultural successes, failures, and plan for the next gardening year before our heads are filled to the brim with the festive season.

So…what job comes first in your garden? Here are some to get you going!

  • Dahlias and other tender bulbs should be dug and stored in a cool, dark place after first frost.
  • The ground should be cold enough to plant tulips across the next few weeks. Try to avoid planting after a heavy frost or in waterlogged parts of the garden.
  • Winter heating dries the air out from your home. Ensure your house plants survive by misting them or placing the pots on a pebble filled tray of water to guarantee suitable humidity and moisture. Avoid placing larger houseplants right on tiles where underfloor heating is present, as this will cause them to dry out significantly.
  • Clean and oil your garden tools for storage. Place some sand and some oil in a bucket, then slide your garden tools in and out of the sand. This will do a great job of cleaning them, as well as applying a light coat of oil to prevent rusting. Clean any empty pots that have been lying around in the garden before storing them in the shed over winter.

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