October 2018 – Overcoming Garden Challenges

It happens so simply. You’ve got your plan, you know what you’re going to grow and where to grow it, you’re ready to plant – but somehow…you fall behind. So what do you do when it happens? Well, you could give up on the idea of fresh vegetables this year – or you could amend your plans a little and push on anyway. Here are some sure ways to overcome and catch up with the gardening…

  • Carrots are great for producing a crop in a small amount of time, especially if you want to amaze guests with delicious baby carrots. Even radish can be ready in a month so it’s good for filling gaps.
  • Some gardeners believe that buying transplants is cheating, but growing food like this is cheaper than vegetables from a store. They’re also useful if you don’t have the climate for plants that need some beginning warmth.
  • Straw bales are becoming more and more widespread for making plant beds. Hollow out the bale, fill it with compost or potting soil and plant directly into it.
  • For a super-fast container, slit drainage holes into the base of a soil bag, lie it flat where you’re growing, cut holes out of the top and plant into the bag. Your plants will have a rich growing medium to thrive in!

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