Perfect Choice by Mary Ancillette

Perfect Choice is just what it says… a perfect choice for a rainy weekend curled up on the sofa, or a great little read as you lie by the pool on your much loved sun bed!

Whatever the circumstances, you will come away from this book with a greater understanding of life’s many questions. Through the characters of Jeff and Diana, the author, Mary Ancillette, explores the dynamics of relationships in depth along with the complexities of how we communicate our spiritual aspects.

When Jeff is initially attracted to Diana, you can see that he is well practised in his different approaches to women. Part of me hoped that Diana would continue to rebuff Jeff because he comes through as rather arrogant which made me feel, did he really deserve her? As the story continues I realised that Jeff was more “happy go lucky” than a deep thinker, who found it hard to think beyond his own expectations.

Diana is quite the opposite, being both caring and more than happy to take responsibility in situations. As the story progresses you can see that the couple have much to learn from each other and a number of very interesting experiences alter the dynamics of the situation. Diana is undoubtedly empathic as she assesses situations brilliantly, orchestrating the right amount of care and
attention, not only to her work but as a supporter and awakener to those she finds in her path.

Jeff has some surprises up his sleeve which appear to be out of character, whilst at the same time offering another interesting dynamic to the story.

The book has some surprises in store, but one thing that struck me was how important it was to hold your own space because that gap is where the magic grows. I love the way that things seem to balance out as the couple, both through their work, friendships, and each other, begin to emerge as stronger yet more true to themselves.

This book is romantic, charming, engaging, spiritual, and awakening – I think many of us may have dated a Jeff or Diana but, given the opportunity again, it prompts us to consider what would we have done differently?

A fabulous, fun novel with great insight. Jennifer Lynch – Author

Perfect Choice is available through Amazon & Kindle, also Waterstones, Book Depository and other good book shops.

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