Poets Corner – Old Henry – May 2021

Old Henry

by Raymond Holt
An ex Cranleigh village Bobby

Old Henry was a gentleman,
A little bit old fashioned.
But all the ladies loved him,
His manners were never rationed.

Had a gentle sense of humour,
With a twinkle in his eye.
But sadly Henry became very ill,
Would he live or would he die?

Inside the Cottage Hospital
He made a little friend.
A squirrel sat on his bed post,
Played with him ‘till the end.

On that dreaded day
When Henry passed away,
All the nurses stood around his bed
And cried.

And on his funeral day,
Half way to the church they say,
The alarm went off
On the undertaker’s hearse.

People pointed stopped and stared
As the embarrassed driver did declare,
“I can’t stop it
until we reach the church!”

The driver simply cursed
It was something not rehearsed
When a noise was heard
From inside Henry’s coffin.

The sound was slightly muffled,
Was it Henry having a chuckle?
As his boys ran red faced
into the church.

I’m sure Henry had a smile
As they carried him down the aisle,
A sense of humour
Is something he put first.

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