Poets Corner – Raymond Holt – April 2020

Come sit with me (for an old friend down on his luck)

by Raymond Holt
An ex Cranleigh village Bobby

When this lazy old sun has fallen asleep
And stolen the smile upon your face
Seizing life’s winners and every lost loser
All tumbling through the human race.

And remember the hard luck stories
They never seem to end
And all the broken promises
You thought came from a friend.

So you listened to the sinners
To the talkers and the dreamers
And you built your hope up high
When you listened to all the schemers.

Now the world is on your shoulders
And you need some company
As you recall those bygone years
Only frustration do you see.

And you hear the village church bells chime
And you know where you belong
And you wish your faith were stronger
Do you know what’s right or wrong?

You should be climbing up the mountain
In bright light and still on track.
Now your train is in the valley,
In the shadows, hanging back.

But the sun will always rise again
In England we are free!
And this world will keep on turning,
My friend, come sit with me.

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