Poets Corner – Raymond Holt – January 2019

Time to move on

by Raymond Holt

Perhaps now is the time to let the past go
And let it look after itself
I should look to the future and what it may hold –
Start thinking about myself.

And when I let go it will drift to the stars
And wait patiently there for me –
Where on beautiful Cranleigh summer nights
I can dream how things used to be.

For now is the time for me to move on
And take life on the chin
And I hope you are feeling, like I’m feeling today
Because together I know we can win.

So I’m forgiving myself for the things I’ve done wrong
With long lost friends in a star –
And when I feel sad and I need their advice
I know I won’t have to look far.

(An excerpt from the book of poetry ‘Looking Over My Shoulder’)


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