Putting Spring In The Air Rather Than Dust!

When the gloom of winter recedes and the vibrant colours begin to emerge, you know it’s time for a spring clean, especially when the beams of sunshine highlight the specks you’ve missed! Throw open your windows, put on some music and get yourself energised. Involve the whole family, it’s amazing how just one extra pair of hands can lighten the load.

I’m a great one for lists! Walk round each room noting what needs to be done. Who doesn’t love that feeling of accomplishment as you strike through the jobs. Focus on one room at a time but always declutter first; this makes the final clean-up so much faster. Be sure to pace yourself though, spread the jobs over a few weeks or maybe a month, making the whole task much more achievable.

Don’t think of spring cleaning as a chore, think of it as improving the health of your family. For example, household dust isn’t just flakes of dead skin. It can also contain harmful chemicals such as flame retardants (found in our furniture and electronics) or phthalates (a common hormone disrupter found in plastics).

But who likes dusting? Many people can’t see the point of it when all you seem to accomplish is to put plumes up into the air only for them to resettle minutes later on the very same surfaces! Help is at hand. The Norwex Dusting Mitt with its microfibre technology and electrostatic charge, attracts dust like a magnet. Used dry and without the need for furniture polish it will reduce the time you spend on dusting as it picks up significantly more dust than traditional methods. And not using a polish potentially means less chemical pollutants going back into the household air.

While on the topic of chemicals, reducing the number of products you use to clean the house will also deplete the reservoir of potential pollutants in your home. The label of ingredients on many household cleaning agents list phthalates, triclosan and petroleum-based fragrances that are linked to health issues from allergies to severe respiratory problems. A high quality microfibre cloth and water are all you need to clean 90% of your home.

Don’t mask the problems either, air fresheners and scented candles can be a huge source of indoor air pollution. Though if you are partial to a scent in your home, instead opt for 100% natural bees or vegetable wax candles, or high quality essential oils to freshen the air, or better still open a window. Living here in leafy Surrey we’re lucky that the air outside is fresh and contains many times less pollutants than most of our homes do.

So what are you waiting for? Clean with purpose and wipe away those winter blues.

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