Running for the dogs!

Finishers Cath and Penny on the right

Cath & Penny are running the London Marathon for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Penny and Cath live around the corner from each other in Cranleigh and have been good friends and running buddies for years – on October 3rd this year we are excited to be running the London Marathon to raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Are we barking mad? Maybe! But could you help make running the marathon a little less ruff?

Why Hearing Dogs for Deaf People?

HDDP ( are an amazing charity matching up support dogs with people with very significant hearing losses. Imagine if you couldn’t hear things like doorbells, alarm signals or traffic. Then imagine having a waggy friend who not only helps with those, but also provides love, loyalty, and companionship. The difference hearing dogs make to their owners is immense.

Cath is an audiologist working in the field of cochlear implants, and lives her life at the intersection of hearing, running and dogs so HDDP was an obvious choice! ‘I’ve been a keen runner for about 17 years, and I’m also a dog owner and dog lover. My younger dog, Indy, is my training buddy and runs with me several times a week canicross-style. He gives me a real boost up hills, and I will miss him at the marathon!’

Penny (who writes the regular Home Cleaning article in the Cranleigh Magazine) got a ballot place and is keen make every step count to raise funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Our target is £2000, and we will be enormously grateful to you, dear reader chum, for any contributions large or small to our JustGiving page:

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