Surrey Hills Rehab have moved to the heart of Cranleigh

Physiotherapists specialising in neurological conditions and falls prevention

We have had to close our service but offering online/telephone/video support to patients with Neurological conditions through this.

Our new timetable of 15 exercise groups for people with Neurological Conditions and Falls Prevention is now in full flow at Snoxhall following our move from Smithbrook. We are enjoying the large space in the sports hall for groups whilst we also have a separate area for private intensive Neurorehabilitation sessions. We also have a kitchenette to welcome carers and a chance to connect with others, and lots of nearby café options.

All our groups are tailored to the individuals attending, based on their condition, fitness and ability. There is also funding available through local and national charities for people to be assessed and the groups subsidised in some circumstances. There is a maximum of 10 people in each group with one NeuroPhysiotherapist and two specialist Rehabilitation Assistants in each class to fully support each individual.

Groups available are: Parkinson’s Fit, Parkinson’s Strong and Steady, Parkinson’s Balance, MS Fit, NeuroFit, Young Strokes, Stronger for Longer Falls prevention, OTAGO Falls prevention, NeuroPilates, NeuroYoga, FND peer support.

We also continue to offer home visits in the community for people unable to access Snoxhall with a full time Physiotherapy Technician and NeuroPhysiotherapists seeing people in their own homes. This is helpful for people needing bursts of intensive NeuroRehabilitation.

Kim Wilson
Specialist Physiotherapist in Neuro-rehabilitation
07976 849903

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