The Pocahontas Monatorium? by Rob James

Technology impacts on every aspect of our lives from communications to cars, and local author, Rob James, grew up steeped in its development. His father was a design engineer at BAe Dunsfold and, with Joe’s passing over 25 years ago, Rob could only wonder at his possible reaction to today’s, taken-for-granted, technology. Just suppose however, we could take a modern car or iPhone back in time. What would Joe make of them and what impact could this ‘out of time technology’ have on the past?

In his maiden book, The Pocahontas Moratorium, through its two protagonists, Roger Matthews and Ian Pearce, Rob takes us back to 1972 in a VW Touran. Through his work, Roger’s father has become embroiled in a scheme to prevent the theft of plans for a secret military aircraft by Russian spies and, using his visitor’s new technology, wants their help. In addition to a pacey plot, the time travellers experience some of the more mundane and wry aspects of an unexpected journey such as, needing a change of clothes and toiletries when they’ve got no money.

On their return to the 21st Century, they find that they have become something a cause célèbre attracting the interest of both the press and the scientific community. A Government Department, concerned about the threat of future technology corrupting the time continuum, imposes a ban on time travel. It becomes known as The Pocahontas Moratorium and it effectively prevents a return to 1972 to resolve unfinished business.

The Pocahontas Moratorium is published by Ex-L-Ence Publications and is available as an E-Book from

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