Your Immune System – Cloud Based or Fact?

It’s very much fact. You have a network of 600 lymph nodes containing lymphocytes which kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. The lymphatic vessels transporting the lymph to those nodes from all around the body rely on muscle contraction and venous pulse to help move the lymph fluid to those nodes and eventually back into the blood circulation. So, it’s very important that there is no restriction to that flow which can happen through inactivity, cold temperatures, surgical intervention, certain traumas like fractures, or other medical treatments, and acquired medical conditions. So some people are more prone to a slow down in their lymph flow and consequent inefficiency of their lymph nodes to deal with infection. If there is either a blockage or a slow down in lymph flow, or there is an infection present, then swelling or oedema can happen.

This can therefore present as swelling in the face and neck (swollen glands, sinus/nasal blockages) arm swelling (particularly if nodes have been removed in the arm or there has been radiotherapy), abdominal swelling, groin swelling, leg/ankle swelling. If untreated, this can lead to major problems.

It has been discovered that certain cancers can be detected by the lymphocytes in your lymph nodes and then neutralised by them (apoptosis). Research is focusing on how with modern drugs the ability for lymphocytes to recognise cancer cells can be improved.

Following research by Professor Weller – head of neuroscience at Southampton University – the brain does also produce lymph in the form of cerebro spinal fluid in the meninges to get rid of unwanted bacteria and excess protein build which could lead to dementia, Parkinson’s and other brain related malfunctions. This fluid he has proved exits the brain into the face and nasal region, as well as the rear of the head, but also from the centre of the brain direct to the nodes in the neck through the brains arterial outside walls (intra mural periarterial drainage). So it is important to help this lymph flow where possible through manual and other treatments.

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