A Joy Worth Remembering!

What a joyous occasion was thoroughly enjoyed on a Monday afternoon in October. Quite a refreshing change from activities normally enjoyed by those experiencing dementia.

Memory Lane had a welcome visit from seventeen children with ages from one to four years young, bringing their mothers with them to watch a non-stop performance normally carried out each Tuesday morning at ‘Giggle & Wiggle’. Led by Alice Jane Clement Smith, the toddlers, mums, carers, volunteer team and even those with dementia were keen to sing, shake rattles, bells, wave scarves, dodge bubbles and after fun by everyone with the parachute sequence, the toddlers finish with their ‘Sleep Bunnies’ Song as Memory Lane responded with their own ‘Goodbye-Goodbye’ song.

Everyone agreed how the afternoon benefitted the elderly to be uplifted by the happy young children and in turn how well the young ones respected those reverting to childhood. With all wishing to repeat the happy occasion, Alice is planning to fit in with the Memory Lane programme, a once a term gathering around Christmas, Easter and Summer.

The owner, (Pauline Crowder) and manager, (Suzanne Sandell) of Acorn Nursery School were most encouraged by their visit to Memory Lane in October and in comparing the intergenerational interaction with what they achieve at Moat Lodge. On the second Wednesday of the month, Lucy Hunter the Senior Living Community Officer at Moat Lodge (the old Cranleigh Rectory), entertains the Preschoolers from Acorn along with a number of tenants who enjoy a playtime, story-telling and practical fun with the children. This is open to anyone who would like to visit and support the toddlers or to just sit and enjoy the fun over a cup of tea in a welcoming homely ambience.

For further information:-
Wiggle & Giggle
(10.00am – 12noon Tuesdays) in the Band Room, Village Way, Cranleigh Alice:

Moat Lodge (Waverley Borough Council)
Lucy: (Intergeneration time 10.30am – 11.45am 2nd Wednesday of the month; (term time only) Moat Lodge, Parsonage Rd. Cranleigh. Current Contact: Rowena (SLCO) 01483 271976 .
Lucy: 01483 275975 (Senior Living Community Officer)

Memory Lane (2.30pm – 4.30pm 1st & 3rd Mondays) Cranleigh Arts Centre Michael: 01483 274398

The Acorn Nursery School
Pauline Crowder (09.00 -15.00 Mon to Fri) Church Lane, Cranleigh 07710 317267

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