Book Review – 31 Days of Wonder – Tom Winter

‘Just how much joy can one change in direction bring’ – Observer

“And in that instant, he knows in his heart that today is a momentous day; come what may, he and Alice will meet again, and life will never be the same.”

This is a brilliant tale of two people to kick-start 2018, Alice and Ben, who meet by sheer coincidence in a park, and whose brief conversation is the best thing that has ever happened to either of them in a very long time. Both have had tough and upsetting childhoods, both feeling damaged and worthless. But somehow, they each see something worth while in the other, and that something changes the way they perceive themselves, and changes their lives forever.

Over the next 31 days, Alice and Ben will discover that even if they never manage to find each other again, they will both undergo a change in confidence and support that will rejuvenate their whole lives.

This book is not a typical romance, and does not focus on Ben and Alice meeting again, but instead shows how they learn to take control of where their lives are heading, repair the damage in their minds and earn respect from others. This book is an example of how a simple sentence or even a word you say to someone can turn some ones whole life around.

If you want a gripping book to set off the new year, then you will not be disappointed by this book of pure joy.

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