Book Review – Bloom – Nicola Skinner & Flavia Sorrentino

“A riotous, original and timely reminder that sometimes rules are made to be broken.” – The Guardian’s Books of the Year 2019

A superbly written, extremely original and wickedly funny novel for readers of 10 and older. BLOOM is for everyone who has ever felt like they didn’t quite fit in, and for anyone who has ever wanted a little more colour and wildness in their lives…

Sorrel Fallowfield is growing up, in quite a surprising way. Sorrel is so good at being good that teachers come to her when they need help recalling the school rules – and there are many!

Fortunately, Sorrel doesn’t have any trouble following them, until the day she learns of a faded packet of Surprising Seeds buried under a tree in her backyard.

Now she’s hearing voices, seeing things, undergoing an almost irresistible urge to plant the Seeds in some very strange places… and completely failing to win her school’s competition to find The Most Obedient Child of the School.

That’s before flowers start growing out of her head…

“A cracking debut, fresh and fun” – Times Children’s Book of the Week

“Original, surprising and wonderfully surreal” – The Bookseller

Available online and in book stores

Received 4.5 stars out of 5 in Waterstones

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