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Social distancing is hard when you are looking to replenish food stocks in your house, it would be so much easier if you could get all the groceries and takeaways delivered to your door! That’s why we built

As a Cranleigh resident myself and a work-partner have created a solution for today’s COVID-19 problem that we and our friends and family ran into, which is that local businesses that do collection and delivery of groceries or meals have changed their operating methods, menus, stock and hours.

We noticed it’s difficult to find accurate, up to date info for these businesses without needing to spend time jumping all around Facebook or the web, and found that even then, their pages might not be reflecting their current availability. is a directory for businesses with up-to-date information and links to their business websites and Facebook pages. It’s completely free for any business to list and free for users. There are no adverts, and it’s being offered as a free service to the community.

We started with the Cranleigh area, we have expanded to listings in the Waverley community and are working to expand the reach of the site to the whole of Surrey.

If you want any more info please contact us or visit the web site and take a look for yourselves, it’s a free service. We hope that we can help anyone and everyone through these difficult times.

MunchyMoose was created by Lee Mayne & Martin Deering

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