Book Review – Devil’s Charge – Michael Arnold

‘A dark-hued romp, livid with the scents, sounds and colours of a country on the brink of implosion…impressive’ – Daily Express

Devil’s Charge, the second in The Civil War Chronicles, Michael Arnold’s acclaimed series of historic thrillers, witnesses battle-scarred hero Captain Stryker, ‘the Sharpe of the Civil War’, fight for his life and honour.

England stands at odds: king fighting Parliament, town versus country, brother against brother.

For Captain Stryker, marked hero of a dozen wars, the rights and wrongs of the cause is nothing. His devotions are to his own small band of brothers in arms, and to Queen Henrietta Maria’s gorgeous and most lethal agent, Lisette Gaillard. So when Prince Rupert assigns him with a secret mission to discover what became of Lisette and the man she was guarding, a man who could hold the key to Royalist success, naught, not false imprisonment for murder, ensnarement, a doomed siege or a deadly religious fanatic will stand in his way.

“Michael Arnold’s Devil’s Charge featuring the battle-hardened English civil war veteran Captain Stryker, skilfully blends the author’s own inventions with the real events of 1643.” – Sunday Times

“Fans of Cornwell’s Sharpe novels will love Captain Innocent Stryker – he’s uglier, meaner and cleverer than Sharpe. Tremendous!” – Ben Kane

A Sunday Times Historical Fiction Book of the Year

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