Poets Corner – Raymond Holt – August 2020

“It’s good to talk”

by Raymond Holt
An ex Cranleigh village Bobby

He liked to sort out bullies
When young was bullied himself
He remembered the pain and suffering
A weaker person felt.

Although a man to help all others
It came as no surprise
That when he needed help himself
He bottled it up inside.

Problems hard to deal with
Are worse without much sleep
But as the sun is rising
They seem easier to meet.

Why didn’t he share his problems
With a friend or mate?
Someone said “read the Bible”
Or was it just too late?

What is the point in having books
To decorate a shelf?
Better by far to read them
And educate oneself.

And now it is too late to help
Or so that’s what I heard
It’s strange to think lives could be saved
With just a spoken word.

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