Book Review – Facing Up – Bear Grylls

‘An absolutely brilliant book about and overcoming your physical and psychological limits.’ – Reviewer

“You climb only because the mountain allows it. If it says wait, then you must wait, and when it allows you to go, then you must struggle and strain in the thin air with all your might.”

Facing Up tells the remarkable story of Bear Grylls’ ascent of Everest, making him, at the age of 23, the youngest British climber to endure the adventure.

Bear battles against all the odds in the pursuit of his childhood dream, to stand on the summit of the tallest mountain. Similar to that of an emotional roller coaster, Bear shares his despair, from standing on the summit, to surviving a near-death experience in a crevasse.

“Here I was with those I knew so well, alone and isolated in the rawness and wonder of nature; and it made me feel good.”

The actual ascent took Bear over 90 days of extreme weather, limited sleep and low oxygen above 26,000 feet.

It shows the loss off hope being swept aside by determination and huge faith; the pain and discomfort being masked by his spirit and sense of humour.

Written in a powerful and personal style, including extracts from his diary and select photos from his expedition, This book is a must for adventurers everywhere; a truly inspirational tale.

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